STUK's Summit21 2019 Atlanta Recap

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A celebration of Black Girl Magic that beckons creative entrepreneurs and industry leaders of color from all over the world, all showing up to show out and bask in the warm glow of sisterhood and black biz babe badness. With her business cards in hand and edges laid as one does in the presence of queens like Maxine Waters and Tina Knowles-Lawson, our Business Manager STUKGirl Alana, went in and brought us back all the tips and teas.

*Pinkies up*

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Well with its rich history and abundance of blackness, Atlanta was the perfect host city for an event like this. 21Ninety turned America's Mart in Downtown ATL into a galvanizing oasis of beautiful lighting, hanging floral arrangements, an abundance of photo op areas, affirmation-filled walls - an ambiance fit for the queens in attendance.


And the fashion. Chile, everybody came out to PLAY! Giant bow collars, tulle skirts, sleeves for the Gawds. From the runway to the casual Sunday brunch ensembles, everyone was a complete juxtaposition of neons, melanins and pastels against the thunderstorms and cloudy, grey weather right outside the building.

Bottom line boo, 10 out of 10 would recommend dropping a coin on a ticket to Summit21 . If you look in the mirror every day and see an entrepreneur, a leader, a goal getter, or just want more of that in your life, then this is the type of fuel you need to keep your creative fires burning and your vision in sight when you start to lose focus. Because let’s be real, it happens to best of us and the rest of us.

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21Ninety Conference App

Keeps you informed of the schedule of events, and has a social channel you can use in the days leading up to and during the conference. Use this opportunity to really network and make meaningful relationships with the women you’ll be sharing this time and space with. Make dinner arrangements with a new best friend, travel buddy, or accountability partner - also shout out to the people who go to the conference solo and wind up finding a tribe to match their vibe.

Chateau 21

The holy grail of the vendor area, each attendee was allowed to choose 5 full-size vendor products to take home at no cost - completely unheard of. My choices totaled about $200 (covering most of the ticket price) so, beyond the vast amounts of gems being passed out, this conference is well worth the investment.


Vendors, Sponsors and Free Services

Top notch vendors showed up with their beautiful products and services ready to enhance the entire experience. Make sure you check out the free services including henna tattoos, massages, head shots, hair styling, makeup and hula hoop classes. Partake in the samples, beverages and snacks provided by sponsors like Hilton, Kettle One, Barefoot Wines, and Sally Beauty. Also the free vodka cocktails and wine samples are the gifts that keep on giving.

Hilton Pitch Contest

If you own or work for a business that could use an extra couple grand, or 10, towards marketing, production or any other facets of your day-to-day operations, you’ll want to look into entering the Pitch Contest sponsored by Hilton. There are only three businesses in the final round so be sure to bring your A-game. The winner of this year’s conference was BLK+GRN , an online marketplace with natural products made by black artisans, and they received a standing ovation after their pitch. So bring that same energy!

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There were several workshops and talks being held simultaneously throughout the conference. So while there aren’t notes available on each one, below is a list of several key workshops, including Mrs. Tina’s and Congresswoman Waters’ (because y’all know what time it is *wink*), on worksheets with pretty thorough notes on each discussion. Feel free to review, download and share them with anyone whom you feel may benefit from them.

And check out the video below for a quick snippet of Miss Tina’s Key Note speech about women supporting women and being an inspiration to young girls.


Topic: The Power of an Idea: From Concept to Completion


Topic: Build your Brand - Public Relations, Marketing & More


Topic: Keynote Chat with Tina Knowles-Lawson


Topic: Get your Side Hustle On

In May 2016, I attended a new conference called EmpowerHer (now #Summit21) founded by @blavity Founder @morgandebaun. The host was @danielleleslie. She came out to @beyonce's "I ain't sorry" and she challenged us in the audience to stand up and share what we were boldly working on. I raised my hand and shared that I was about to launch a podcast called #SideHustlePro to spotlight bold, Black women entrepreneurs who scaled from side hustle to full-time entrepreneurs. In that moment, with those women holding me accountable, and me putting it out into the world, I knew I had to launch it. And the next month, I did!!! In June 2016, I debuted Side Hustle Pro. The rest is HERstory. It is still surreal to me that three years later, I am gracing the #Summit21 stage and able to share my journey. And that people showed up and showed out, taking notes, jumping up to participate and ask questions. Shout out to all of you. THANK YOU for the overwhelming support yesterday. THANK YOU so much Morgan and @21ninety team for having me. What you have created is POWERFUL. Thank you to everyone who listens. Thank you to my #PodcastMoguls holding me down in the crowd. Thank you to my #MTYRetreat sisters for that round of BIG hugs right before my talk. Those vibes lifted me all the way up. And most of all, thank you to the big homie GOD, because it's truly amazing how He's using me. I don't always understand it, but I'm going to keep walking in my truth and sharing my journey in the process. P.S. shout out to @miked.shotme for these AMAZING pictures. I met him while he was taking pics for Danielle and hired him on the spot on Friday and he jumped right into action for me on Sat. You are gifted, my brother. 📷: @miked.shotme 💇🏾‍♀️: @sewnatural 💄: @kenyahaynie 👗: @grass_fields Earrings @markedbymull


Topic: Entrepreneurship from Launch to Practice


Topic: How to Nail your Pricing without Sacrificing your Worth


Topic: A Conversation with Congresswoman Maxine Waters

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Now y’all know there’s another Summit21 this fall in Los Angeles, right? Tickets and event info can be found here. The entire STUK team is planning on being front and center for all the glory, so grab your biz besties, secure your edges and head west for an event you clearly don’t want to miss. See y’all there!


Oh!! Before I let ya go *wink*, here’s a quick video showing the audience learning and performing the Before I Let Go challenge for Miss Tina before her talk.

The choreographer who helped everyone practice was none other than Queen Fu, a talented performance artist who’s danced for powerhouse women such as Janelle Monae, Cardi B, and none other than the Queen Bey herself. And at her historic Beychella performance no less, sis takes queening to a whole new level.