STUK Designs (pronounced stuck) stands for: Strong, Talented, Unique and Knowledgeable. STUK literally describes something that is fixed in one place and can’t be moved. We aim to “stick” girls on a positive path and to higher purpose vs. seeing them “stuck” in a toxic job or relationship.


STUK cultivates the whole woman through the philosophy of placing “self-love first”. Only when you love yourself first (from within) can you maintain lasting and impactful career success doing what you love.


Through art STUK DESIGNS aimS to inspire self-Sufficient girls to live without fear & with inner-love.


STUK DESIGNS IS A 501C3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. All STUK Sales go towards our Self-love art education programming for girls and events for career women. 


We are a community of powerful career women that teach art & self-love to girls in underserved communities globally. we believe that by teaching young girls self-love, they will carry that love through their adolescence & into their adult careers! STUK PROVIDES creative TOOLS & resources, PROGRAMS & EVENTS that teach girls & women that true love & success do NOT come from fame, one romantic partner, or material gain, but rather from within.