STUK Designs (pronounced stuck) stands for: Strong, Talented, Unique and Knowledgeable. STUK literally describes something that is fixed in one place and can’t be moved. We aim to “stick” girls on a positive path and to higher purpose vs. seeing them “stuck” in a toxic job or relationship.


STUK cultivates the whole woman through the philosophy of placing “self-love first”. Only when you love yourself first (from within) can you maintain lasting and impactful career success doing what you love.


STUK is a feminist art organization dedicated to branding and empowering Influential girls and women in underserved communities.


All STUK Sales go towards our programming and events for girls and women AND to community organizations we support; that aid in the education, empowerment, and advancement of girls and women. 


We teach girls and school & women in the workplace self-love. we believe that by teaching young girls self-love, they will carry that love through their adolescence & into their adult careers! STUK PROVIDES creative TOOLS & resources, workshops, PROGRAMS & EVENTS that teach girls & women that true love & success do NOT come from fame, one romantic partner, or material gain, but rather from within.