Each quarter STUK DESIGNS highlights and teaches a different aspect of self love! STUK useS these quarters to guide the direction of the programs below!

STUK Program One.jpg


This is STUK DESIGNS after school program! This program launches Spring 2019 at The Resolute Academy! The Resolute Academy is a Charter school in an underserved area of LA called Watts! STUK will be teaching middle school girls! Each week STUK will focus on a different self-love topic with the girls. Week One will start with: “What Is Within, Is Greater Than Anything Outside Of You.” Mid course we will discuss topics like “Befriending Fear”, “Visualizing Your Dream life”, and “Understanding Your Own Worth and Deserving.” The program will conclude with: “Failure Only Makes You Stronger.” Each lesson is paired with an art technique! By the end of the course the girl will learn how to draw a face! Drawing, creativity and art give girls a focus, an outlet and stress release! STUK DESIGNS wants to provide this resource to them!


2. The Colorful Affirmations pop up Class

This class is a pop up STUK DESIGNS offers in which girls and women are encouraged to color, chat, network and get social! It is a class in which we teach a brief lesson on the power of affirmations, but it is really a way for girls/women to come together in a fun judgement free environment and have fun coloring and remembering their most important assets and gifts! For adults STUK DESIGNS offers a color and sip option with this pop up! STUK DESIGNS brings the #STUKGIRL coloring book, music, and supplies into schools, offices, event venues and more! Why? Because coloring is fun and therapeutic! Coloring is a stress release and reminds us to stay present and calm! Each #STUKGIRL coloring book is embedded with an affirmation section! The beginning portion of the class is affirmation repetition and engagement! The point is to put on paper how amazing you are and how much you believe in yourself, so that you can create from a more clear space to create! When’s the last time you colored? We promise you’ll have a blast!



The Little Heartists Art Courses are an adventure of self discovery in the form of Self-Love. This is STUK DESIGNS only co-ed program! Although STUK DESIGNS is a community of women for girls/women, STUK deeply believes that boys need to learn self-love as well! Boys who grow into men with knowledge of self-love, help heal the world. The Little Heartists Program combines creative and independent thinking with artistic playfulness to bring out the inner artist of each and every child. The Little Heartists Program runs on the belief that Self-Love is a divine responsibility and the deeper your Self-Love, the greater your protection in this world! The Little Heartists Program highlights self-love, artistic freedom, tolerance for individual differences and the infinite expression of childlike wonder. Little Heartists is an amazing art program for children, designed from the heart, that provides kids with the tools they need to love themselves authentically. 


4. Dream Building THROUGH Self-Love Workshops

This is STUK DESIGNS program for “grown-ups”. STUK DESIGNS uses the term “grown-up” loosely, because all women, regardless of age, deserve to see life through colorful child-like wonder! STUK DESIGNS Dream Building Through Self-Love Workshops incorporate art, vision mapping, goal setting and a support system of a community of strong women to hold you accountable for your visions! Each woman will receive a #STUKGIRL Manifestation journal which includes all these activities! The journals also include a coloring book section so that you can never neglect your inner child while visionioning! STUK DESIGNS workshops are a place for women to come together, goal set, build and connect! It is a great place for you if you are feeling, lost, alone or confused on your entrepreneurship journey! We come to your workplace or private venue to teach these workshops!


5. The #STUKGIRL Mentorship to Internship Circulatory Program

This program is designed for #STUKGIRLS to grow and evolve with STUK DESIGNS! STUK DESIGNS mentorship programs begins at Elementary School through High School age! College age and adult STUK interns mentor the younger girls in this programs! They provide girls with advice, a free and compassionate ear, and a confidential communication line to discuss tough real life topics (boys, sex, body image) and any self love growth dilemmas that they may not feel comfortable discussing with their friends or family! #STUKGIRLS who are mentored at a young age evolve into interns and mentor younger girls just as they have been! Mentees and interns are supported by STUK DESIGNS mission and vision as they evolve into various life phases! STUK DESIGNS also offers online/phone mentorship and internship if you do not live in the area! This is how STUK connects with #STUKGIRLS and Africa when not on location!


STUK Designs has a one-of-a-kind self-love curriculum for girls and women. We travel (internationally) to various schools, pop-up shops, and non-profits to teach artistic self-love classes. Our self-love education programs teach girls in school and women in careers/the workplace how to obtain lasting success through mastering the art of placing self-love first.