Our artistic skills allow us to serve, educate & empower girls and women in a variety of unique ways! We teach creative art & self-love classes, produce art merch, host events, & You can also Commission your own #STUKGIRL portrait today!


Oh Hey! Are you looking for fresh art content? Looking for a powerful illustrations to give your brand a strong voice? Do you want art with incomparable uniqueness, that can never be duplicated? Each illustration we create is completely customized to fit the unique person OR brand that you are! We help non-profits, schools, and individuals, usually in underserved communities who are struggling with branding help!

Little Heartists is our only co-ed program for kids (ages 5-11). We believe it is vital to teach ALL kids self-love at a young age. We combine, creative and independent thinking with artistic playfulness to bring out the inner artist of each and every child. Little Heartists values artistic freedom, tolerance for individual differences and the infinite expression of childlike wonder. It is an art program for children, designed from the heart, that provides kids with the tools they need to love themselves authentically. 

F.L.Y. GirL: GHANA (First Love Yourself)

This program helps fight for girls educational rights! Our F.Y.I. GIRL campaign is currently focused on raising funds for our #STUKGIRLS at Diamond State Academy in Kumasi, Ghana. Girls Education is a global crisis. When girls do not have money for uniforms, shoes, or lunch they miss school or leave completely. Ghana is where we are choosing to start to fight the injustices that girls who live in underserved communities in third world countries are facing everyday!

STUK Designs art collection called "#STUKGIRLS" shows globally! Please contact us if you would like us to be a part of your next art show or exhibition. We also vend #STUKIRL art prints and merch!  Would you like #STUKGIRL support at your next event? We vend #STUKGIRL artwork & merch, & host workshops and an annual brunch. We create safe environments of self-love, photo backdrops, fun photo props, gift bag essentials, create custom portraits and more! 


Self Love First Pop Up Art ClassES For Girls

STUK DESIGNS pop-up art classes for girls in underserved communities launched Spring 2019 at The Resolute Academy! The Resolute Academy is a middle school and charter school in an low income area of LA called Watts! We enter schools, rec centers, and various other organizations once each quarter and teach pop up self-love art classes to girls. We provide them with valuable tools and art resources they would not otherwise have.

We have quite a few t-shirt and art merch collections under our belts, due to an amazing in house photographer and an awesome creative team! All proceeds of our t-shirt sales go towards our program! Look, SHOP, be inspired! We also provide t-shirts, art merch and art kits to girls in underserved communities globally. We create journals, coloring books and other educational art tools/merch for girls to use in the classroom, at home or while traveling.