Set Your Soul Free: Do You Feel Deserving of Your Dream?


As dreamers, hopefully we all have a vision, and goals to check off while en route to our dreams. I definitely have a strong vision for my life. I am currently in a mentorship program called The DreamBuilder program. Last week’s lesson was on deserving. I had never before thought of my dream in the framework of - deserving. I was challenged to consider if I truly and actively felt worthy and deserving of the beautiful vision I am creating as my dream. It required me to confront myself! I realized that to really set my soul free I had to become completely deserving of my dream!

I found that there were some parts of me deep down that believed my dream too good to be true. There were some places within my mind that still held limiting thoughts about my dream being too big to actually manifest. Parts of my mind still engaged in negative self-talk and questions of doubt like: What makes you so special? And - Why do you deserve this more than her or her? - But than I took some deep breaths and became positively present again! When you shift your mind you shift the vibration of your life.

the first part of the realization of deserving is not really asking the question: Am I worthy of this dream... BUT rather, asking:  Is this dream worthy of me? Is this dream worthy of me completely changing and shifting my life for? Is this dream worthy of me going through growing pains for? Is it worthy of ME?

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Dig deep and Confront any negative mental chatter. Once you face your own false negative thoughts they will begin to dissolve. If we think:  “All this good can’t be real” or … “Reality has to come take all this good eventually” - then that’s exactly what will happen! We will lose our good, because those thoughts sabotage our good. We self sabotage when we don’t believe we deserve the good we have. Self-loathing, negative self talk, and self-criticism will cause contraction vs. expansion in our lives.

Once I decided full heartedly that my dream was in fact worthy of me, a wave of calm, peace, and relief came over me. I felt aligned again. Once we decide a dream is in fact worthy of our light then we have to lovingly believe that it already is so! There is no shortage of good that can be dispensed by God/The Universe. There is enough room, time, and space for us ALL to be great. Comparison is silly. I had to realize that I deserved good, not because of things I've done, but simply because of who I AM:  a light, like we all are. I am deserving of having my dream fulfilled, because I AM present and have been granted the gift of life.

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Gratitude can help activate our sense of deserving. Practicing gratitude is a way to claim our deserving, worthiness, and to ultimately - set our souls free! To feel constantly deserving we MUST be in a constant state of gratitude - no matter what is happening!  

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We must decide HOW we will respond to life circumstances. Let's choose to respond with gratitude and appreciation instead of negativity, fear, and doubt. We don't know what life will throw our way next, but we can choose HOW we respond to life’s unexpected twists and turns. The feeling tone you hold is a magnetic field. When you choose to deserve your dream and give thanks for what you have NOW, you shift your vibration. That is gratitude.

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Our dreams leave or remain stagnant when we fear our own deserving. In our minds we can either create lack and limitation or prosperity and expansion! The inner pattern we hold absolutely has to be coherent with the outer experience we are having! Set your soul free and become fully deserving of your dream through gratitude and with self-love!

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