Do You By Slowing Down


Do You By Slowing Down


So it’s a beautiful night and if you’re in any lively city in the world you are probably wondering do I go out, do I stay in, or which of the many outing options do I choose?

Being a high energy artsy individual, I find it really hard to make the choice to stay in, and because of that simple fact some pretty adventurous evenings evolve. And, if you think about it… a social life is really the only life. However, it is important to balance. Sometimes we all need a pause, a break, or a night of revival to come back to our centers and just be thankful for who we are and that we lived another beautiful day. Some nights it’s really awesome to let meditation be your friend or get creative at home, embark on a crafty new project, take a bubble bath, have some wine, watch a movie and embrace the simple things. When you take time to slow life down for an evening life stops being such a frenzy, the outside world fades; friends, politics, and drama quiet down, anxiety vanishes, and you allow your awareness to refocus.

Whatever choice you make this evening make it count! DO YOU to the fullest, but remember that we all need nights here and there to unwind, SLOW IT DOWN… and catch up with ourselves. Sometimes the slower we go the faster we get there!