The Twenty-Something Time Crunch

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Hey Queen’s, Brette here. I recently found this piece I wrote when I was 25.I think it’s super helpful for all twenty-somethings. So, here I am sharing it in hopes that it resonates with y’all!

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my long distant, yet long time best friends,. We were talking about how so many of our friends are engaged, married, or having kids… and then she said it… one of the phrases I dislike most… “we’re getting so old.” I cringed and responded, “girl we are 25!

It was a clear case of “the twenties-somethings time crunch”. Yes, we are in our ever progressing twenties – but outside of that fact, there is NO rush. Life is not a race, it’s a unique and colorful marathon. Comparing ourselves to others, contrasting our lives with ridged societal structures of what people say life and adulthood “should” be, only creates a need to rush, and rushing transforms into stress and anxiety.

To me, life is as boundless and timeless as the sea. But because I view life in such a rare structureless form, I’m learning to sympathize with those who do not. I don’t want or expect for others to see life in the exact same way as I do. If we all had the same life perspective then this journey wouldn’t be as interesting. I just don’t want my friends to stress the life out of their youth. They are all so beautiful, intelligent, gifted and abundantly unique. They deserve nothing but the best, and without any stress.

I think this “twenties-something’s time crunch” can be squashed by living fully and completely in the NOW – in the moment, because that’s truly all we have. And seriously, if you think you’re old at 25, what will your life become at 45?

Just LIVE freely. Set goals, dream big, write down your worries and anxieties, but don’t over think the structure of life. Don’t over stress societal expectations, OR compare what you’re doing in your 20′s to what other 20-something’s are doing. Uniqueness is a gift, comparisons only dwindle individuality.

And now for the cliché – you only live once. But you do. Really. Life is short yet sweet and it can be so beautiful if you only allow it to be. Accept the good and cherish ONLY the present, because what we cherish in the present moment manifests into the future. As the Beatles say, “let it be”, and escape the time crunch. Love and life are all around not only stuffed inside societal norms and expectations. Life is anything but conventional, it can never actually be planned. It can change with every breath you take. It is EVER changing, ever moving, ever growing, and ever flowing. All is flux. The sooner these fact are realized the more at ease you will be. Enjoy your twenties, cherish the sunshine on your face and the bright and shinning beauty of your youth!