A Self Love Journey by #STUKGIRL RosIe


A Poem:


Daily affirmations Rituals On repeat.

Connecting with my Inner being, loving the mind and body completely. 

Allowing love of self, to sweetly adore me, as I unravel this journey of self love, once a foreign word to me.

I begin to see, layers of suppressed memories.

Capturing the identity, the relationship with self 1st.

It starts with your mentally, movement of your physically body, healthy use of intuition and emotions, financially depositing core values connecting with self Spiritually.

Deciphering what are my real needs..

Balancing divine feminine and masculine energies..

Releasing insecurities, healing the heart, single as I lovingly date me.

Is it fate or destiny? 

Realizing it's not the destination but the self love journey, aligning to deeper meanings of creativity.

Poetry, Fashion, Purpose, Service and Fulfillment..The missing key.

The rhymes and reasons of why I didn't love me, The need to fill my own cup of tea,  Birth new aspects within me, before anybody.

So I focused my energy and manifested this very dream To share my story, hoping to guide others on their self love journey.