“A #STUKGIRL is a multidimensional woman of substance. She wears many entrepreneurial hats in this life, embraces her own creativity and self love to the fullest. She does what she loves and inspires others while doing it. And she helps teach girls about self love” – STUK Designs

Marissa is simply a rare pure soul and powerfully a community leader! We believe her empath soul and the purity of her heart draw people to her! She is the founder of LUMINOUS MINDS: a community based women’s organization in Los Angeles, that hosts wellness workshops! We are pretty picky about workshops, as some can end up uninspiring, but we can assure you that Marissa’s are super dreamy and will deeply resonate with you! Her evolution is inspiring and we love seeing her glow and grow! We are pretty excited about this collaboration of two powerful female communities!

Be inspired and get INTO this Queen’s story!

Your Name: Marissa H. Thompson
Your Zodiac Sign: Taurus 
Where are you from? Los Angeles. Born and raised. 

What’s your focus, purpose, passion, and contribution to the world? My intention and focus for this year are to be in creative connection and community. 

How do you do it and who do you do it with? I create with my organization LUMINOUS MINDS. I've been curating wellness workshops for our Women of Color in Wellness series. The intention is to to offer an affordable space for those seeking holistic wellness resources in South Los Angeles. 

What are your special talents? I consider my empath skills a talent. It's my super power. 

What are you working on at the moment? I'm currently planning out the spring workshops for my Women of Color in Wellness series. The series will end in May with a two year anniversary event to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.

What does your art mean to you? Art is an expression of emotion. It can heal. It can communicate. It can create change. 

What does love mean to you? Love is who I am and the source of creation. It's my true home. 

What does God mean to you? I'm in a place where I am refining who and what God is to me. I do believe God is love and that same energy lives within me. 

When did you learn self-love? Self-love became an active part of my life in late 2016. I lost my mom that year and it turned my life upside down. Through my own healing from grief I learned to build myself back up and find space for love. 

How has practicing self-love changed your life? It has empowered me to let go of who I thought I was.  I've learned to embrace and accept my own creative power. 

What is your philosophy of life? My current philosophy is to remember to show up as myself. Also, to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

What advice would you give someone who is attempting to make a dream into a career? I would tell them what I tell myself - continue to do what serves you and don't be attached to the outcome. When you let go of the outcome God will bring you opportunities that your mind could never fathom. 

Nobody knows that I am… very silly and playful. I love making myself laugh at my own silly jokes. 

I wish I could stop… overthinking. 

To me Self love means… having compassion and love for every part of yourself. Especially those parts I try to hide and have rejected. I love and honor those parts too. 

I find true beauty in… nature. It is what connects me back to my soul. 

I want to teach my child or children… that it can be healthy to feel your feelings.