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“A #STUKGIRL is a multidimensional woman of substance. She wears many entrepreneurial hats in this life, embraces her own creativity and self love to the fullest. She does what she loves and inspires others while doing it.” – STUK Designs

Melissa Chanel is a self-love Queen and a self made success! She began hustling & building her brand while working a full time office job in NYC. She knew the 9-5 life wasn’t for her, so she focused in on herself & her growth! She got her work tasks done quickly & used the rest of her office hourse to put extensive work into her brand! And thus the Melissa Chanel empire was born! Once she started gaining a following she had the confidence and foresight to know that leaving her job for the full time entrepreneurial life was her calling! She has since been flourishing & growing her brand & following every day! Melissa is a true inspiration to all of us self made creative Queens! She did it for herself, by herself & by practicing self love every day! Get into her story! It will inspire you more than you know!

  • Your Name: Melissa Your Zodiac

  • Sign: Leo 

  • Where are you from? South Carolina 

  • What’s your focus, purpose, passion, and contribution to the world? 

    MelissaChanel.com is the girls-next-door’s ultimate one-stop-shop for all things hair, fashion, travel, beauty, and even a little business. I’m dedicated to building a community of REAL women. 

  • How do you do it and who do you do it with?

    I do it because it’s my passion, I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than helping women become successful by sharing my experiences. Also having so many amazing followers who push me and send me amazing messages on a daily, that’s what keeps me doing what I do! Omg, I couldn’t do any of this without my amazing team, Janna - my brand manager, Brandon - my photographer, Chanel -my assistant, and Shae - my makeup artist! These are also my friends and they push me personally, professionally, and creatively! 

  • What are your special talents?

    Ummm that’s a good question! Special talents, I enjoy writing and being creative. Crafts and creating things, working with my hands. Maybe that’s my special talent, lol!

  •  What are you working on at the moment?

    Umm so many things. I have a few event ideas I’m working on as well as an athletic apparel Collection for my new baby Kicks & Fros!

  • What does your art mean to you?

    Art means expressing yourself creatively. Being you, showing others how you feel.

  •  What does love mean to you?

    Love means caring so deeply it’s hard to explain. Love means smiling, happiness... 

  • How does your zodiac sign impact the way you love?

    I’m soooo headstrong and such a leader that sometimes I fall to quickly or too hard! I want to do everything for those that I love and sometimes it takes a lot for me to say no. 

  • What does God mean to you?

    God is love! The most amazing person in my life. If I can’t talk to anyone I know God will always have my back! 

  • When did you learn self-love? How has practicing self-love changed your life?

    I want to say I learned about self love while in college. I had to teach myself before I could love anyone else I had to learn to love myself. I would say it’s taught me to be more confident in what I believe in and how I feel. I know that my feelings and opinions matter!

  • What is your philosophy of life?

    Live life to the fullest. Experience the world and Tell the ones you love that you love them everyday! 

  • What advice would you give someone who is attempting to make a dream into a career?

    Prepare and plan then Jump! Take the leap. Focus and stay consistent. 

  • Nobody knows I am.... an introvert.

  • I wish I could stop... watching ratchet tv lol!

  • Self love means... knowing yourself from the inside out! 

  • I find true beauty iN… seeing the world!

  •  I want to teach my child or children that... the sky isn’t the limit it’s only the view. Your dreams become reality by doing!