A #STUKGIRL is a multidimensional woman of substance. She wears many entrepreneurial hats in this life, embraces her own creativity and self love to the fullest. She does what she loves and inspires others while doing it.
— STUK Designs LLC.

Stacy is a self motivated powerhouse of an entrepreneur. She has owned her own spa, ran and managed spa's for companies, owns for own beauty consulting company called Exalt Her and is now in beauty school finishing her license! She embodies and teaches inner beauty! We are thrilled to have her kick off our revamped interviewing series! 

Your Name: Stacy Doreen Trujeque

Your Age31

Your Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Where are you from? Los Angeles - Born and Raised

What's your Ethnicity? 100% Belizean Parents. So I am Belizean American.

What is your focus, purpose, passion, and contribution to the world?

To Live a life I am proud of, to Strive for success, because of what my success will allow me to give to others. My focus is celebrating us women and inspiring beauty confidence. I believe that when we take care of ourselves we can easily share our light with the world. I am interested in continuous self development. I feel like we all stand on the efforts of those that came before us. I want to make a contribution. One of my contributions is the book I am writing. I keep going with the flow of the universe. 

How do you do it and who do you do it with? 

I explore and am interested in inner and outer beauty. I am a beauty professional in training finishing up my esthetics license. I provide self development and beauty coaching to assist with Emerging your authentic - God Given Beauty. 

What are your special talents?  

I was given the ability to have compassion, to feel others energy, and to feel what they feel. I thought I had way too many feelings when I was younger. Although it hindered me at times, it has been an amazing gift to connect and influence! It has helped me as a sales director for a major beauty aesthetic brand. I came to the understanding that I could guide people towardS the solutions that they were looking for! now that I have my own beauty consulting brand, I am committed to influencing others!

What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I am working on my book called Exalt Her: Unleash Your Unstoppable beauty. It gives you insight on inner beauty (your authentic god given self) and outer beauty (beauty hacks you can participate in). It is a fun book, but my goal is really to help women see that by exulting more of who you are, you will be able to attract the right things to you!

What does your art mean to you?

Art to me is simply an expression of love. Even in art that seems painful, it only seems painful in the way that its showing the opposite/contrast of love. So, I love it! there are so many ways to express and art is always some type of a celebration - no matter what form. 

What does love mean to you?

Love is free... Nothing can stop it. When it's given it is free. Loving oneself and learning to love others is a continued thing to strive for. 

What does God mean to you?

God is love. God surrounds us - always, and lives within us as well. You can always feel God's presence when you want to. 

How does your zodiac sign impact the way you love?

from what I know I am usually really concerned with "home". I love my home to be full of love, welcoming, and on the outside I can have lots of protection, but on the inside those close to me, I want them to feel nothing but loved. 

When did you learn self-love? How has practicing self-love changed your life? 

I knew how much of it I didn't have. I know the feeling of just wanting to be someone else! Ugh - I knew self-love was something important really early on, but I was looking in all the wrong places.  When I realized it was not about attaining it, but cultivating and radiating it from within... it changed my life! That is how I feel about beauty, it is not about attaining it, but about cultivating and radiating it! When I began to radiate beauty Things that were meant for me started showing up! (More on that in my book :) 

What would you like to get across to your viewer?

If I can just leave one thing with you, (and you may have heard many times) - it's that - your thoughts and self talk are important! I used to think, " yea, well of course, Oh well, It's hard to control my thoughts". But, your thoughts become things! think of them as little prayers. If You can't control every thought, its ok, it's a process - but you can intentionally and consciously try to control them! I wish I understood this earlier! Start by intentionally thinking OF the things you "want". This is how you begin to uplifting yourself! Thoughts are little prayers moving you in the direction of your highest good. As of my biggest mentors says: "where your focus goes your energy flows". 

What is your philosophy of life?

Love and Learn everyday that you are breathing! We don't ask for oxygen. we just trust that we will have it, and we trust that we can take our next breath. We are all connected. it only takes a few seconds without breath and we are no longer alive. Live now, don't take things for granted. 

What advice would you give someone who is attempting to make a dream into a career?

GO in any shape you can and keep going! Maybe you cant quit your job today, but today you can START planning! today you can do something! just keep going! The faster you chase after your dreams, the faster they come towards you! GO!

Nobody knows I am.... a published poet, and that i like art and rollerblading. I think everyone knows I love to reggae, dancehalll and love to punta ha ha

I wish I could stop... getting up so late (well that's like 8:30am) it's ok, but I always say I am going to get my day started early. I have always been a night person. 

Self love means... starting inside, celebrating who you are and working on your spirit then moving into self care routines.  

I find true beauty in… So many things but I guess also my moms face just came to mind. The miracles in life, the sunset, i try to find it in everything around me. 

I want to teach my children that... Anything is possible.