I'm Focused Man by: Steph Sparks


By now we’ve heard the almost cliche’ term “setting intentions”, but how many of us really know what it means? I liked to think I knew, but deep down I knew I had no clue what people were talking about.

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Now - we all know what meditating is, that’s a no brainer. But in my humble experience I’ve found that "meditating on something" isn't a guarantee that it’s gonna get done. I'm lucky if 25% of it comes to fruition.

So there’s obviously that extra something behind intention setting that a lot of us can’t really put our finger on, whether we’re trying to describe it or consciously tap into it.

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So there’s an interview Oprah did with Deepak Chopra YEARS ago on her show, where he showed her this exercise that illustrates the power of the human mind. Sounds fascinating as hell, right? It is!

Of course I tried it out - used a long necklace I like to wear. And much to my surprise, it worked, which says more about my lack of faith in myself than in Deepak's intellectual prowess. 

But I noticed something, when it came time to change the direction the necklace was swinging in, it wasn’t enough to just visualize it or think about it like Deepak said.

There had to be this other thing, this strong feeling - almost like how it feels when you watch something unfold exactly the way you knew it would. It was like confidence, but more focused.

Parents don’t give up on their babies the first couple times they fall, they patiently stick with them til their asses are up and running. No questions..png

Intention is strong, as f*ck - could care less about the ego and its limitations. Confidence can sometimes waver if the ego’s influence is strong enough, but nothing is f*cking with intention.


At that point I realized that the same intention I put into making my necklace swing in different directions, and at different speeds, could be put into any and everything I do. And by doing so, make my efforts towards my goals that much more effective.

And by "more effective" I mean... every step I take being worth it's weight in gold.

Because why not?

Because why not?

Sex, at its best, is all about intention, because it requires both parties to share the intention of feeling good. Every movement, every touch, every kiss - they’re done as a step towards that intention of feeling good because that’s where everybody’s trying to get to and maintain.

If I want to be a successful, wealthy entrepreneur, and I deliberately focus on my intention to be that - my actions, ideas, and everything else I do and experience will naturally be in response to that intention.

And just like we don’t give up halfway through good sex, we can’t give up before what we want actually comes, and nothing worth having comes too easy - pun squarely intended. 

We have to practice intention and gain confidence in our ability to make sh_t happen..jpg

Otherwise we’ll give up at the first sign of a safe distraction. We know good and well what we’re capable of, yet somehow our ego still has a way of talking us out of things by convincing us that we're too afraid to make the next move.

Intention ain’t never scared, but we’re more familiar with our ego so we don’t fully trust intention yet. That takes time. 

Deepak Chopra’s exercise has been helping me get familiar with how intention feels and gaining confidence in my ability to use it. Learning to fight mental distractions and what not.

A belt.... and a Family Guy reference.

A belt.... and a Family Guy reference.

Ok, I'm back focused.