Hot Girl Summer Part 1: The New Summertime Fine



I had an epiphany after having multiple conversations with friends and family who want to get in the gym. They want to be beach body ready but are also feeling lost - which leads to feelings of being trapped and unmotivated. It got the wheels turning in my head because I've had so many aspirations of how I wanted my life to be but couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel and there was always a donut there to comfort me and a new pair of shoes to distract me. And it wasn't until I got a whiteboard and started writing things down and checking them off that I started to see my accomplishments. Having constant reminders of what I wanted and what I needed set me free. And with Summer in full effect, I feel it’s time to define our Hot Girl Summer because one way to get motivated is to visualize what you want and then build out a plan to have it. Which means changing your mindset and get to planning.

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I’m sure you’re wondering what my definition of Hot Girl Summer is and it’s EVOLUTION! Which is defined as developing gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Which means in order to get the body, car, vacation, house, and lifestyle you want and to also be able to sustain it - you must evolve. Crazy, right? Not really, hear me out. 

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The moment, I made a vow to myself to start the blue print to my new life was the day that everything thing changed. I realized I was stifling my own growth by putting my energy into everyone else. I successfully depleted myself and had the NERVE to expect others to replenish me, when they couldn’t even take care of themselves. That was a recipe for disaster and a recipe for me feeling alone and used. But that no more, I am now putting myself first, which in part, means politely and unapologetically saying, NO and being intentional about my Yes’. This new found enlightenment is a process but I learned to switch gears and had to start pouring my energy into myself and then projecting this information to anyone who will listen. 


NOW! With all that being said, this brings me to the point of this en-ti-YUR post, which is, drum roll, please... A VISION BOARD! It’s time to think BIG! DUN...DUN...DUN!!!!! But how?!? If you're anything like me and you live inside your head, getting the clutter out is crucial. Putting together a vision board shouldn't be hard, right? Just think of all the things you want, cut them out and place them on a board of your choosing and Voilà! The pièce de résistance is your visions become clear! But how are you going to get those things? What do they mean to you and why? And better yet, are you ready to receive them? Can you handle the responsibility that comes along with them? A friend of mine reminded me that not only do you need to visualize, but you also have to plan. Your dream car is $70,000? The duplex you want is $1.5 million? You want to find love? You want happiness? You want that body? What do you need to do to get that car or that house or that relationship or that body? Don't want to work a 9-5? What career path should you take to be able to financially sustain your lifestyle? Be strategic, research, trial and error until you find what’s right for you. There is no one size fits all. Be bold and stand firm in your truth. It's time to start our next chapters with a bang and check off our to-do lists; manifest and craft the lives we want and with purpose. Our paths are for us to choose but remember change comes with new responsibilities and challenges. Center yourself, breathe and get to it. WE GOT THIS! Turn this Hot Girl Summer into a life style.