Release - A Poem





This poem speaks on releasing people, places, and things that have kept you small. Acknowledging the power of forgiveness, allowing it to heal thyself. Sometimes, it can be your way of thinking on how to maneuver a certain situation for the best outcome. Whatever event may have taken place in your life, or person that you need to release and/or struggle that you may need to overcome.. just know it starts with you first. Approach it from a focused and relaxed place with the intent of making the best decision for you, and others involved.

The act of releasing and letting go..

The joy it brings to abandon your ego and sorrows

No longer held hostage to guilt and deception

Allowed to show my real reflection

Not playing small anymore

Standing Tall adjusting your Crown

Feet planted deep into Mother Earth's ground

Channeled inner child through the core

Healing, Growing allowing self to Explore

Pass memories that no longer serve me

No time like the present, best time to release...let the past be

Flow into my path, ease into my journey

Consciously working on me, raising my babies

Balancing passion and purpose, being of Service

Spirit blessing me with Clarity

I'm starting to see God's plan in me

Keep my faith, push through adversities

Unforeseen Removal of friends and family

No longer vibrational match to me

Hard truth, what is and what is not

Universal thought, acceptance and surrender consistently taught.. Honor the space around me, honor my energy, Selfishly loving me