Focusing Your Attention


Focusing Your Attention


With endless timelines of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram streaming into our brains daily it can be hard for us to turn down the volume notch on others and tune in on ourselves. We are all guilty of sometimes looking to external means to bring us happiness, especially when we feel a little sad or a bit down. But, in times of confusion, when we struggle to regain control and often look for answers anywhere other than ourselves, we can stop… keep calm… focus our attention and realize the answer is no further then our own heart.

The truth is no one person can bring us total lasting happiness and inner peace every single day. Why? Because that already exists within us. There is a part of us that is always focused and enlightened, but how quickly we forget. We forget what a huge inner energy source we have at our fingertips. We forget how powerful we are and how to tap into that power. We slip in and out of consciousness, wavering between high and low levels of being… searching for something better. But better… is already inside of us. We are already powerful, beautiful and loved we just have to focus in on that truth.

Sometimes we don’t realize it until relationships leave our lives. They can take up a huge amount of our energy. We allow people to rent living space in our minds. We decorate that space, rearrange the decor and forget about all other creative areas and priorities within our minds. The human mind is so vast. We have such depth, but it’s easy to forget and only focus on one small area… such as the pursuit of men. When we open our minds to the totality of human intelligence we can tap into the arts by learning from a mind blowing indie movie, or immersing ourselves in a self expansive new story. When we cultivate our creativity within, happenings of the outside word hold less weight.

We are so much more than meets the eye. And it is so amazing what we as humans can accomplish in this world my sharpening our focus and broadening our perceptions. Shine your bright light of focus only on the areas in your life that matter most… and that which pulls you away from your creative purpose DOES NOT matter. Life is short. Focus on the present moment.