Happiness. Passion. Peace of mind. We all want that, right? Well, what if I said most times it’s only YOU who really blocks YOU from achieving that. The mind can be a tricky cluster blocking us from light that is so close. We have to watch out for the negative voice in our head.

So many thoughts enter our minds daily, and really, very few are worth paying attention to. Our minds become clouded by instagram and facebook feeds, twitter timelines, leftover crumbs from lingering conversations, fears, doubts, frustrations, worries and so much more.

What if every time a negative thought found its way into your mind you replaced it with a positive one?

To do this… you have to first create enough stillness within yourself to listen to that very real, ‘voice in your head’. You must become the listener instead of the thinker. Once you take control of the thoughts entering your mind you will learn that those thoughts are not YOU. They are created by a multitude of daily circumstances. But you have to make a choice! It’s important to ask: Where am I giving most of my time? And: what am I giving most of my attention to? This makes up your mental matter. If you’re focused on trouble, if you’re focused on your worries, then the universe will just produce more of that for you. Choose a new thought!

New thought creates new direction!

What if you went through a day walking in the capacity to receive the ultimate good in every way, and ONLY thinking in best case scenarios? Many people are afraid to actively embrace every bit of good thrown into their day because they think the moment they acknowledge it, it will vanish, or that sustainably great things are simply just not possible. But hey, I say, you never know until you try!

My brother is one of those rare people who never doubts himself, even despite a multitude of doubts that may surround him. When he was a senior at Oregon University, he set up two interviews at top PR Firms in San Francisco. While everyone doubted him finding jobs in this economy, he didn’t. While everyone doubted an inexperienced recent graduate landing a job at a top SF PR firm… he didn’t. The day after his interviews he was offered not one, but BOTH positions. His thought process inspired me to be much more sustainably positive and it has affected my life for the better. When we drop fear, when we drop doubt, the universe feels it and reacts.

The universe feels our passion and responds!

What do you want the universe to say YES to by your thinking? Positive thought. Positive direction. Give it a chance and GET OUTTA YOUR MIND! Never let the voice in your head tell you that you are anything less that what you are… which is a miracle

Live your life on a higher level.

Xo - Brette