Hot Girl Summer Part 2: A Necessary Movement by #stukgirl Steph

While we’re still full swing into  Hot Girl Summer, let’s take a moment to marvel at how Megan Thee Stallion casually created the social media movement to end all movements.

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From it’s masculine counterpart, City/Hot Boy Summer (the No Pigeons to our No Scrubs, because we can’t ever have a thing to ourselves) to all the companies hopping on the bandwagon because everything black women touch is marketing gold, Hot Girl Summer is contagious, necessary and right on time.

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Make no mistake - we are nothing but empowered.

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These past few years have seen a major rise in women demanding for men to respect our mf’n agency, because the patriarchy is on 1000 right now. We live in a time where the punishment for having an abortion after rape is becoming worse than the punishment for the rape itself.

It’s not like America is any stranger to injustice. Our bodies are seen as nothing more than a means to an end, especially if you’re not a cis-gendered white male, moreso if you happen to be a woman, and even moreso if your color happens to be black. 

The bodies of black women have been publicly shamed, sexualized and dehumanized for generations. Our features and personalities get mocked and ridiculed, only to be recreated through invasive procedures and wildly animated imitations.


Now don’t get me wrong - our sass, ass and pizazz are catchy as hell. Black women will add a lil razzle dazzle to just about anything so I understand the appeal, but good grief where is the love?

Imagine someone telling you there’s no room for you, meanwhile they’re carving out tons of space (and dollars) to make room for false versions of you. 

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And the resistance is Real, because hell hath no fury like a woman fed up with somebody’s bullsh*t. So it makes sense that a Black woman would be at the helm of our latest strike against the vast levels of bullshit men have and continue to build.

Being a woman is a gift that deserves a greater level of respect than we’ve been given. On the contrary, sometimes it feels like we’re punished for being women.

Men have historically hated, feared and loved us all at the same time. We have one of the most important roles in the act of creation, and they know this because nobody can ever say a man gave birth to them. 

I’m not sure what anyone expected, but constricting the flow of running water doesn’t stop it from running. On the contrary, all that pressure from generations of forced silence and submission will build up and burst into the raging flood of p*ssy power we see today.

Women are owning and liberating the bodies we’ve been taught to be ashamed of, our sexuality is not up for grabs or discussion unless we decide it to be so.

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Like clockwork, badass women are making waves for being what men fear and loathe most - unapologetically bold and free. Free to run her sh*t, bold enough to talk her sh*t, and out here being the sh*t.

Because what are we even apologizing for? Being great? Chile bye.

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Seeing a woman be proud, authentic and fearlessly divine in this male dominated world is emboldening. Even her romantic relationships are on her terms, because she knows putting the fragile male ego first does not a bad b*tch make.

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She’s recognizes the importance of interconnectedness among women, and she tries to cultivate an environment of respect, togetherness and unity between all the women around her. 

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There’s a reason these women have achieved this level of success and influence - we see parts of ourselves in them so their success feels like our success, and seeing their fearlessness can help us tap into our fearlessness. 

Women have been and are dying daily for having the audacity to speak up and say No, or to step outside of gender norms. Hell, some women are being killed for having the audacity to simply exist. 

At the end of the day, while men are cool and all, of the two sexes women we deserve to be treated as the God-like creatures we are. This applies whether someone else is treating us or we’re treating ourselves. 

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So… Hot Girl Meg said it’s a Hot Girl Summer. Of course that means we’re leaving the bullsh*t on Read, not getting swept up in a perfect smile that says all the right things, and driving our respective boats to the promised land with bags secured and edges laid. 

And that might take some of us places we never thought we’d go. Some of us might finally leave that wack ass relationship to go thot and bop with a few hotties and see where the summer takes you. 

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Some of us might walk away from that pain in the ass job and give that side hustle some more attention. Others, like my fellow STUKgirl Ryane, might decide to say f*ck it and level up in every possible area of life.

Whatever your Hot Girl Summer looks like, make sure you stand tall and proud in yourself and your desires. Which is what you should be doing anyway, but this summer, a stallion named Megan has come along and gave us permission to be extra about it. 

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Real Hot Girl Sh*T! 😛