“A #STUKGIRL is a multidimensional woman of substance. She wears many entrepreneurial hats in this life, embraces her own creativity and self love to the fullest. She does what she loves and inspires others while doing it.” – STUK Designs

Aliana is just one of those rare feminine lights, that you can’t help but take notice of! She is so powerful! Aliana is an artist & international model originally from Bermuda! She has made a name for herself in the fashion world at such a young age! What’s rare about Aliana is that she kindness and self love have fueled her drive to the top! She is one of the purest lights we have had the pleasure of crossing paths with! In this day and age it is easy to create an “image” of being a good person. We have sadly come to the harsh reality that many women in this creative industry are not as kind and selfless as their instagram feeds make them look, but Aliana definitely is! She is a positive role model to younger generations of girls and always keeps it real! Get into this Queen’s story and get inspired!

Your Name: Aliana King 

Your Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 

Where are you from? Bermuda 

What’s your focus, purpose, passion, and contribution to the world? 

I’m in love with art and creating. My focus is to continue to create meaningful, inspiring, and helpful things. Whether its modeling, painting, animation, films, or photography I simply want to make people feel good. If I can make a positive difference in one person’s life, that becomes a chain reaction of love that can change the world. 

How do you do it and who do you do it with?

When I create it usually starts with inspiration like a movie, song, book, or person. Sometimes I make a plan and sometimes I just start. I create with people that inspire me or make me happy. I also love creating with talented people that just want to offer their art to the world.

What are your special talents?

I love to sing and play the ukulele and piano. I draw, paint, take pictures and get pictures taken haha. I also enjoy animation and film editing. 

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I’m working on a project for YouTube. Curly hair is so complicated and without giving away too much I’m creating a series that hopefully changes the curly hair game.

What does your art mean to you?

My art is me. When I create, I put a piece of myself out in the world for people to see. Art inspires, motivates, teaches, and makes an impact. 

What does love mean to you?

For me loving someone or something is understanding that we are imperfect humans and that’s is a part of who we are. The most raw form of love is knowing and recognizing imperfectness yet loving the same or more. Love has no rules or conditions. 

How does your zodiac sign impact the way you love?

When I choose to love there’s nothing superficial about it. I love with my whole heart, yet I’m very careful with who I give my heart to. 

What does God mean to you?

I wouldn’t be anything without Him. God is my hope. He’s given me every single opportunity I have and more. My foundation is in him and from there everything else becomes easier.

When did you learn self-love? 

It took a very long time to learn how to love myself. I was teased as a kid and I hated the way I looked and even who I was. I was always trying to change my personality to make other happy. I remember I was once teased for being to jolly all the time and can you believe I really though being excited and happy about things was a bad thing. I learned that no matter what I did it wouldn’t make everyone else happy. The only thing that should matter is if I was happy with myself. Once you start loving yourself you realize how irrelevant everyone else’s opinions are. I had to learn to embrace every single part of me. Honestly, I’m still not fully there yet because I’m still learning but I’m enjoying the process.

How has practicing self-love changed your life?

When you love yourself you start to believe in yourself and be proud of your accomplishments. This is probably the biggest key to success. Believing in yourself can make the difference in whether you go on the road less traveled and end up becoming successful. Self love has been a vital tool to my success.

What is your philosophy of life?

My philosophy in life is to be intentional. Intentionality can take a dream to a reality. I do believe that things happen for a reason and that sometimes God puts you in situations that you didn’t go on your own but I also believe you have to put in work yourself. Make goals for your health and for your life in every aspect. Love each day with intention and purpose whatever that may be.

What advice would you give someone who is attempting to make a dream into a career?

The first step would be to stop letting fear control you. So often we don’t realize how reachable our dreams are because we’re scared to think outside of the box. Take away any limitations you have on your mind and start dreaming bigger because you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. The only limits are the ones you creat for yourself.

Nobody knows I am... more of a softie than I might come across sometimes.

I wish I could stop... metaphorically beating myself up when I make a mistake. I’m human and I’m allowed to mess up.

Self love means... loving your flaws as much as your assets.

I find true beauty in… kindness.

I want to teach my child or children that... God can use them in positive ways no matter what future they choose for themselves.