Social Media Stalking: End The Comparison Game


We have entered into a ERA in which we can be almost be overwhelmed with the heavy dose of digital content we receive by the end of each day. Meditation, yoga, and unplugging are more important now than ever- for the sake of our sanity! We can find anything and anyone at the click of a button. But, when does content become too much? When does research go too far or too deep? Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, constantly invite us to compare ourselves to images of other people. These platforms often lead us to question our self worth, life progress, and if we are really good enough. 

If adults cannot define and utilize discretion, how are kids and teens with the same social media accounts ever going to do the same? The mind gets the best of everyone sometimes. We have all fallen victim to the anxious stirrings of the ego’s negative self-talk. But toxic thought streams dictate toxic behaviors. The aimless whim of the undisciplined mind and ego persuades us to look up old classmates we loved or loathed, ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends, check on the progress of people, and compare it to our own growth. We watch stories, lurk on pages, read comments and compare and contrast social media images to the reality of our own lives. But we must take back the control!

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Block, delete, and un-follow any toxicity! Your “feed” is literally what you are nourishing your mind AND consciousness with everyday, every hour, every half hour. Everything is created twice: first in thought and then in form. We have to protect our minds: our thoughts, and thus, protect our dreams! We can choose who enters our frequency and life experience by our allowing. If we CHOOSE to lurk on certain people’s pages knowing that they do not give us a good inner feeling tone, then why do we do it? By making that choice we are unconsciously making them a part of our life experience. Do you really want people who make you feel negatively to be a part of your life experience? Of course not! But our ego is controlling those toxic actions and not our inner state of self-love. We must love ourselves enough to protect what we are daily in-taking. You can shift this by unplugging for periods of time. MEDITATe, take moments of silence, or spend some time alone in nature.

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You don't feed yourself toxic meals (we hope), so why would you want to feed yourself toxic images? Just as toxic food depletes the body and causes disease, toxic images or just images that plain old don’t make us feel good, will create illness, but within the mind. Looking at toxic images creates insecurity, doubt, anxiety, depression, stagnation, and in many cases heat-break!

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Be good to yourself! Be kind to your mind! Feed it only images of beauty, love, and prosperity. Feed it only images you want to see appear in your life, because, remember, everything is created twice: first in mind and then in reality! We know this is hella easier said than done, but acknowledgement is half the battle. Realizing your own negative or toxic habits of comparing yourself to a romantic partner who hurt you in the past, to your man’s ex girl, an ex friend, an old schoolmate who hurt you, or maybe your biggest business competitor isn’t going to give you a positive feeling tone. It’s going to bring you down, it’s going to bring your frequency lower and create a cloud over your otherwise glimmering existence! Don’t create negativity or toxicity for yourself! Your dreams are too important for that! You have the power! It’s all in your hands!

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