A Love Letter To All Girls - From Me, To You


From Me, To You


At some point in our lives, we’ve all craved for a love letter. We want something just like in the movies when a special someone pours their heart out on a piece of paper, puts it in an envelope and leaves it on the recipient’s door, sneaks it in their bag, or hides it under books on their desk. Now, not all of us received one, did we?

I want to change that.

Although this isn’t paper because it’s your screen, and you didn’t receive it by surprise because you clicked on this, yet it is written with love, and involves a lot of heart-pouring. A lot.

This is a love letter to all the girls.

Whenever I think about you, I think of all the innumerable ways in which you are a blessing to those surrounding you. Your smile when you’ve brought one to another person’s face is absolutely priceless. Your spirit of selfless giving is deeply admirable.

Sometimes, you underestimate your power and that’s unfair. Your strength can move mountains, and your resilience keeps you going until you move them. You’ve cut through obstacles with poise. If only you knew how impactful and attractive this makes you. Channel your inner Wonder Woman, your inner Captain Marvel, your Okoye from Black Panther or your Jean Grey from X-Men.

Also, at times, your insecurities blur your vision and you don’t see the goddess standing in the mirror. If you could see what I see, you’d see a reflection of the entire universe in your eyes. Your hair, whether straight, curly, wavy, thick, or thin, encompasses such playful beauty. Every stretch mark on your body flaunts the grace of growth. The scars on your skin fail to suppress your radiance. Being tall, short, fat or thin doesn’t alter your impeccable charisma. The truth in my words is a cupid’s arrow that I’m shooting to make you fall in love.. with you. Because I am in love with you.

The way you look out for other girls by texting to see if they got home safe, by making sure their outfit is on point, by checking for lipstick on their teeth, by navigating them away from creeps on the street, by helping them reply to their crush, by listening to them cry, by hugging them when they feel fragile, and by promising them that you’ll always remain by their side, makes you remarkable, and so so lovable.

You, like all of us, are a powerhouse of positivity and passion. We all possess such unity and compassion towards one another. If it weren’t obvious already, I am hopelessly in love. I’m in love with us.          

Yours forever,