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Respect is an action, an expression, a right


Respect: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements; due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

In both definitions of respect, the word "feelings" is mentioned. Based on how someone respects you, you will feel some way about it. Respect is an action, an expression, a right. We all deserve respect; until we're disrespected. Respect is one of those things where I believe you have to give it to receive it. It is supposed to emulate a good feeling and encourage high morale. We've all been in situations where we've been disrespected, and I'm pretty sure it didn't make you feel good. It may have made you feel upset, disappointed, maybe even unworthy because you are shocked that you had to experience it.

I recently dealt with 2 situations in the same week, one at work and one in my personal life, that kind of threw me for a loop.

The work situation was disrespectful events that were being built up and finally toppled over. The day had arrived where I had to speak up for myself because of the treatment I had been receiving. I was being talked to condescendingly, wasn't being properly acknowledged in some spaces and ultimately disregarded at times. I had finally had enough and needed to speak my truth. It felt good to get out the word "disrespect" to that person, because that's exactly what it was and something that I or no one deserves at any time or any where. Unfortunately, it really didn't make a difference because I didn't receive an apology nor did the person take accountability for their continued actions (even with evidence proven). But, the fact I made it known that this was how I felt, felt good to release.

The other situation I will not go into detail about, just because that person is of irrelevance to me now and I'm moving on. But, I will say this, a man can never tell me I'm wrong for how I feel about a situation that makes me uncomfortable or has me questioning who I am as a woman and what position I'm in with them. As a woman who has been single for a few years (on and off dating) that has constantly been working on themselves to be better for myself, in order to beam bright in a world that doesn't want to see me shine, I cannot accept anything less. I am not perfect and have never tried to be. I don't know what perfect is. I only know that in order to attract what I want and deserve, I have to be that for myself FIRST, always.

I am confident, understanding, respectful and too damn intelligent to deal with nonsense. I will not tolerate disrespect, belittling or dysfunction. I am a woman, a BLACK woman, who has to deal with enough negativity and downplay as it is, to let an individual who I've let enter my life treat me less than what I know I'm worth. I hope that when whomever reads this, you feel the same way about yourself. Don't play yourself or question the things you want because someone else can't figure out what they need to do for them.

Stay strong and keep faith.

**Let me know some ways you have handled being

disrespected or how you expect respect!